Skin Converter

Convert your Minecraft 1.8 Skin into Minecraft 1.6/1.7/Minetest format

Please login to our server first to ensure your name is available and create your account, then convert your skin using the exact same name you use to login (case-sensitive). Your new skin will be available immediately in the Minetest Skin Gallery for you to download to use on any Minetest server (or your own local games) and will also be automatically synced to your account on our servers within a couple hours.

Don't have a skin? Try downloading or creating one via The Skindex and then use our system to convert and import it to Minetest.

Please Note: Your skin is your visual identity to other players on our servers. Plan out your skin and make sure you're happy with it before you use the converter as you cannot change it once it is synced. That said, if you experience a problem or require help, please contact an admin in-game.

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